Vultura Macabra Vinyl Figure by Camille Rose Garcia - Neon Forest

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Dripping in a vibrant torrent of blue, green and purple, the new Vultura Macabra Neon Forest GID vinyl art toy by painter Camille Rose Garcia and 3DRetro follows the OG edition which debuted as part of DesignerCon Summer 2021. Carrying quite the presence, day or night, Neon Forest takes on an eerie green glow in the dark.

Standing 14″ tall, CRG’s vulture steps off her canvases and onto collector’s shelves. Perched on a skull pile while seeking shelter under a parasol, the scavenger is a colorfully complex carnivore. Garcia’s character comes to life with a strong sculpt utilizing several sculpted layers of feathers rather than relying on paint alone.


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